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We often receive inquiries as to whether it would also be possible to use extra-
to implement unusual ideas. For example, furniture in vintage or industry style, or to position a food truck in front of the location. Sometimes also whether we can set up a luminous lounge corner and whether it would be possible to put a large tent in the garden. And then what about the heating and are there perhaps certain light & sound possibilities?!

We answer - no problem! Here, too, we can draw on a very large pool of our own. We also have various mobile bar elements and seating variants in stock. If you want, we can also set up booths or a fair with stalls for you. And we also have a small, original Piaggio Ape. This drives you the Italian espresso directly to the event.

We almost dare to say: "Doesn´t work - doesn´t exist!". Or at least : "We can not provide it - does not exist"! Your wish is our motivation

14. March 2022


The special mobile coffee bar. Italian style – a special eye-catcher and usually a place that gets a lot of attention.

Do you have questions about the furniture or certain extras?

Perhaps you have seen something at another event that you would also like to use at your event. We will be happy to incorporate your furniture ideas or extra wishes into the concept.

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