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Food is the heart of catering. It's what makes events a success or not. And we are particularly proud of our kitchen! Our catering-experienced professional chefs have all been conjuring up the most diverse culinary concepts on the plates for many years. Choose from exotic creations with special flavors and special preparation methods or completely classic dishes, like from grandma's kitchen. As an old hand in the catering business, we are just as experienced with new trends as we are with the classics in serving or in the form of presentation. No matter if buffet or served flying buffet, a specially arranged menu, delicious finger food or special fair dishes. Sinnesfreunde food stands for freshness and colorful, creative variety! Translated with (free version)

14. March 2022

Trade fair food

Variety of food offerings, specially designed to meet trade show needs. Successfully proven variations, of course also vegetarian and vegan
14. March 2022

Finger food

Fine snacks that can be eaten without cutlery. The appetizers are already portioned bite-sized. Many variants available
14. March 2022


From simple to classic to fancy, refined and exotic – everything is possible! Wide menu variations, specially available for catering use.
14. March 2022

Flying Buffet

The “flying” buffet brings variations of small delicacies, already portioned in small glasses, bowls or on spoons directly to the guest.
14. March 2022


A wide variation of tried and tested catering buffets are available for you to choose from. From simple to classic regional to fancy, sustainable, refined and […]

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