Summer party

In our imagination there is a perfect picture of a wonderful, warm afternoon, which turns into a mild, clear summer night. And in this summer night a wonderful party is held. In a wonderful ambience, perhaps with torches and lanterns, or open fire in the fire bowl. There are cool drinks and cocktails, or fresh homemade lemonades - a barbecue station makes delicious specialties on the charcoal grill. All guests are in a good mood. To make sure that this doesn't just remain a summer night's dream, but becomes one, there's us - Sinnesfreunde!

Make your summer party an experience for your guests.

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Our full service

15. March 2022


You have an event to plan – but don’t know where yet? We work together with many event organizers. So your project gets the right rooms
14. March 2022

Logistics & Transport

All work and planning necessary for the smooth running of the event, including the transport of all required food and materials.
14. March 2022


With creative decorations you give your event that special extra. Upon request, we will be happy to design a proposal for your event concept.
14. March 2022

Pop-up kitchen

Mobile transport kitchen for temporary use directly on site. Equipment adapted to the respective purpose.
14. March 2022


The special mobile coffee bar. Italian style – a special eye-catcher and usually a place that gets a lot of attention.
14. March 2022

Market stalls

For mobile use at Christmas and fairground events. Various wooden stalls for your special event.
14. March 2022

Table & Chair

Upon request we provide table and chairs for the event location. Furniture selection aligned with the purpose of the event.
14. March 2022

Mobile Bars

Fully equipped mobile bars for multifunctional use. Also available in different equipment and styles.
14. March 2022

Table linen

From classic table linen to beer table and bar table covers in various colors, to high-quality cloth napkins and decorative runners.
14. March 2022


High quality professional espresso machines for catering needs. With these devices you deliver your guests finest coffee specialties in barista-quality.
14. March 2022

Tableware & Glasses

All types of tableware and glasses, including special requests are available. We match the needs to the hospitality and food concept.
14. March 2022


We are happy to customize the outfits of the staff individually to your event concept.
14. March 2022


Trained and experienced professional chefs, specially trained for requirements in catering operations – also for live cooking events.
14. March 2022

Barista & Bartender

Friendly, specially trained staff for the coffee, beverage and cocktail bar.
14. March 2022


Friendly, specially trained staff for the reception and hospitality of guests. Serving service of food and drinks. Large circle of regular staff. Serving service of food […]
14. March 2022


With or without alcohol. Fruity, sweet and sour. All variations of cocktails available upon request. Fashion cocktails just like the old school bar classics
14. March 2022

Coffee & Co.

Various coffee specialties with cakes and pastries, as well as different serving concepts – also mobile – available.
14. March 2022

Alcoholic drinks

From A for aperitif to Z for “Zombie” – all types and varieties of alcoholic beverages available
14. March 2022

Non-alcoholic drinks

From fresh juice to non-alcoholic cocktails. All types and varieties of non-alcoholic drinks available
14. March 2022

Finger food

Fine snacks that can be eaten without cutlery. The appetizers are already portioned bite-sized. Many variants available
14. March 2022

Flying Buffet

The “flying” buffet brings variations of small delicacies, already portioned in small glasses, bowls or on spoons directly to the guest.
14. March 2022


A wide variation of tried and tested catering buffets are available for you to choose from. From simple to classic regional to fancy, sustainable, refined and […]